Livestock safety video series now available

Emily Krekelberg, University of Minnesota

Handling livestock in a safe manner is crucial on any farm to prevent accidents and injuries

University of Minnesota Extension recently released a series of three short videos related to livestock safety. Handling livestock in a safe manner is crucial on any farm to prevent accidents, injuries, and even death. Large livestock especially pose a threat to our safety. Additionally, safely handling livestock protects the animals as much as it protects us.

The series of videos provides information and tips on working with livestock safely. The first video covers stockmanship and livestock behavior. The second video discusses recognizing hazards and moving livestock. The third and final video is about personal and farm safety. The videos can be found online at

The videos are great for use with families, children, farm employees, and anyone that may encounter livestock in some way. Each video is between three and four minutes long and provides practical tips for understanding and avoiding hazards related to working with livestock. The information shared in these videos is applicable to any species of livestock and is a great introduction or refresher for farmers of all ages.



If you have additional questions or comments about UMN Extension’s Farm Safety & Health Programming, please contact Emily Krekelberg, Extension Educator, and or 612-756-3977.

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