Magnets Instead of Buttons… What a Great Idea!

Joel Hastings

The company is MagnaReady and its product line is a collection of shirts which feature magnets instead of buttons, making each shirt easy to put on even if the wearer has a disability or simply find buttoning shirts frustrating.

The shirts come in a variety of sizes and styles, including a flannel work shirt, with magnets styled to look like pearl western snaps, but they are much easier to use.  The magnets are of the right strength too stay in place but are easy to unfasten.

The company was founded by Maura Horton, the wife of a college football coach who was struggling with side effects from Parkinson’s disease that hampered his ability to use his fingers.  She developed this patented process that works great for anyone who finds buttoning a shirt to be a frustrating process.  And even those who don’t.

The shirts are machine washable, wrinkle free and stain resistant. We can say from the sample we were provided with, this is a great product.

For details see the website and watch the video here

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