Manage both Finances and Cows

Operating a successful dairy in today’s unpredictable dairy business environment requires not only top-notch management of animals and employees, but also a solid understanding of financial management.

The PDPW Financial Literacy for Dairy® seriesis the dairy industry’s first dairy-specific financial curriculum. Authored by Dr. David Kohl and reviewed through a first-rate financial expert taskforce and dairy producer pilot group, attendees will receive the financial skill required to successfully and confidently make strategic decisions for their businesses.

Curriculum Overview

An online placement assessment will determine which level best suits an individual’s degree of the financial comprehension.

Level one
Dive into core financial concepts such as the value of determining and developing short-term and long-term business goals and the principles of preparing annual balance sheets and other financial documentation. Attendees will also compile a cash income statement to measure their dairy’s profitability.
*Instructed by Gary Sipiorski, Financial Consultant & Dr. Kevin Bernhardt, Professor of UW-Platteville
Level two
Take an in-depth look at financial tools such as income statements, inventories, and depreciation. A study of profitability and cost-center tracking will show class trainees how to separate various parts of their operation to measure profitability of each enterprise such as raising heifers, steers and crops.
*Instructed by Gary Sipiorski, Financial Consultant & Dr. Kevin Bernhardt, Professor of UW-Platteville
Level three
This inaugural Level 3 will cover budgeting tools for planning and performance monitoring, trend analysis, key metrics to monitor, and benchmarking. This level will stretch attendees with managing capital investment for their business, how to optimize capital purchases and protocols for sharing records.
*Instructed by Dick Wittman, Wittman Consulting and TEPAP Faculty
Location, Dates, Cost
An online placement test will determine your level placement and must be completed prior to placement.


Training Site

PDPW Headquarters

820 N. Main St.

Juneau, Wis.

Level One

4 Days of Training

$650 member / $775 non-member

– Begins: Nov 13-14, 2019

– Concludes: Nov. 18-19

Level Two

6 Days of Training

$850 member / $975 non-member

– Begins: Jan. 8-9, 2020

– Reconvenes: Feb. 12-13

– Concludes: Mar. 4-5

Level Three

2 Days of Training

$850 member / $975 non-member

– March 24-25, 2020


Space is limited to 30 attendees/Level 1 & 2; and a capacity of 15 attendees/Level 3. Registrations are secured on a first-come-first-served basis.

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