Manure and Road Reminder

Karl Czymmek, Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY, and Tonya Van Slyke, NEDPA

With warmer weather finally in the forecast, farms are poised to move a lot of manure in the coming weeks. Before transferring manure to fields, check soil conditions, tile outlets and weather forecast to see if prohibited or high risk conditions are present or if heavy or persistent rain is in the forecast. During wet weather, the CAFO Permit indicates that the Revised Winter and Wet Weather Guidelines should be followed. Manure may not be applied to saturated wet soils and conditions are considered to be “high risk” when significant rain is forecast within 48 hours or when tile outlets are flowing at least moderately from field drainage. Fields for application should be selected carefully in these conditions. It is always a good idea to monitor tile outlets during application.

Some roads may still be very vulnerable to damage from repeated trips with heavy loads. If you are not on a first name basis with your local road officials, make it a point to reach out to have a conversation about steps you can take to reduce the wear and tear from your equipment traffic on roads.