Margin Protection Program Sign Up – Information you should know

Bob Gray, Northeast Dairy Farmer Cooperatives

  • Sign up date closes this coming Friday, June 1st.
  • USDA plans to have all their field offices make individualized calls to producers that have not yet signed up on May 30th when the April margin level comes out.
  • Producers will be offered on their production history and an overview of MPP program changes.
  • This will give producers two full days to come into the office and sign up
  • Also, USDA is allowing producers to be “added to the list” if they call in and cannot make it to the county offices on June 1st so long as you show intent to sign up.
  • This will ensure that county Farm Service Agency offices are not completely overwhelmed in the final days of the sign up period ending June 1st.
  • The margin levels for February and March show payments for producers who have signed up for the $8.00 margin level.
  • Estimates show that dairy producers will receive a net cash return above their premium payment at the $8 margin level.
  • Remember that premium payments are not due until September.
  • Keep in mind that the MPP payments are retroactive to January 1st.
  • Remember the Deadline for Sign Up Is This Friday, June 1st.

I would strongly recommend that you take a close look at the numbers for your dairy operation. It is well worth the time. Given current low farm milk prices the program may well benefit you.