Market telling farmers to produce more milk

Joel Hastings

Nate Donnay talks about rumors of milk hitting 2% under year ago levels

Once again, Nate Donnay of INTL FCStone Financial talks with Joel Hastings of DairyBusiness News as he looks ahead and sees slowly increasing production, potentially weak demand and therefore, moderating farm milk prices. Still positive margins, though, as corn stays below $4.00.

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  1. Long term the industry has the problem of to many replacements. The solution is to continue to beef breed a portion of the herd AND TEST AND SLAUGHTER. In 1944 veal per capita consumption was 4.4 lbs, today it’s .2 lbs. I like taking hair samples at birth, raising calves solely on milk solids for 21 days or less and the genomic test results will be back within 21 days and CULLING 1/6 of the herd as STARTED SPECIAL FED VEAL (US veal), THEN AT WEANING, BASED ON DAILY GAIN, FEED ANOTHER 1/12 AS GRAIN FED VEAL (Global veal). Twenty five percent beef bred, 65-80% sexed semen bred and culling 25% before a pound of milk is ever made would go a long way toward resolving over production.

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