Mastitis Vaccine Gets New Name and Marketing Push


Vaxxinova will market one-of-a-kind vaccine

Vaxxinova US (formerly Epitopix) announces Vaxxon® SRP® Klebsiella as the new name for KLEBVax SRP, a mastitis vaccine recently marketed by Huvepharma USA.  Vaxxinova indicates Vaxxon SRP Klebsiella is identical to KLEBVax and remains the only vaccine licensed by the USDA for the management of mastitis caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae spp.



“As the vaccine’s manufacturer, Vaxxinova is excited Vaxxon SRP Klebsiella is returning to our own expanding family of vaccines,” said Tim Hopson, Vaxxinova’s US Director of Sales and Technical Services.  “Vaxxon SRP Klebsiella is a key tool to help Producers and Veterinarians have a more specific mastitis control strategy.

The vaccine, formerly marketed by AgriLabs/Huvepharma, will now be marketed by Vaxxinova through distribution to dairy veterinarians and producers.  Customer service and technical support will come directly from Vaxxinova. Please refer to our website,, or contact us to learn more about Vaxxinova and Vaxxon SRP Klebsiella

Dairy losses due to Klebsiella-induced mastitis are expensive and increasing, according to Dr. Robert Rust, Senior Technical Services Veterinarian.  “Case detection has increased more than 90% over the past 10+ years among herds in the Northeast dairy belt,” said Dr. Rust, “and the combined cull and death among infected cows is as high as 80%.  However, recent field trials report dramatic reductions in cases of Klebsiella-induced mastitis, with some herds nearing 100% reduction, where Vaxxon SRP Klebsiella has been introduced,” said Dr. Rust.

Vaxxinova US discovers and develops original veterinary vaccines to improve animal health and food safety, building upon a foundation of proprietary SRP® technologies, in an environment that values scientific creativity.


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