Maximize learning with hands-on sessions

Three Dynamic Hands-on-Hub Sessions

The Hands-On Hub stations at the PDPW Business Conference engage all the senses. They blend cutting-edge knowledge with a hands-on approach so you not only see and hear about your topic of choice but also get to roll up your sleeves and try for yourself.

This land is your land – how does it handle rain water?

Observe a water-runoff simulator in action. As it mimics the effects of rain fall on different soil types, you’ll see how ground cover, topography and land management impacts what happens on your land – and down stream.

Adam Abel: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Soil Conservationist – Appleton area

Explore, learn, record

Get a front-and-center look at calf necropsies to explore problems calf raisers encounter. By incorporating new data-collection tools, Dr. Franklyn Garry, DVM, will show you how to learn from necropsies to help your management team better predict complex situations and manage them more effectively.

Dr. Franklyn Garry, DVM: Colorado State Extension Specialist & Veterinarian, College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Dept of Clinical Services

Herdsperson hub

A trio of veterinarian-guided stations will provide new skills and insights to even the savviest herdsperson; you’ll return home with skills that pay immediate returns

  • Station 1 Reproductive ultrasonography
  • Station 2 Walk around the fresh cow pen: tips for a healthier herd
  • Station 3 Quality milk begins here: proper plating, SCC testing and the CMT system

Select sessions of the 2019 PDPW Business Conference have been approved for continuing education credits or education hours. Review the PDPW Business Conference flyer for details and availability.

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