MFBF on President Trump’s roundtable in Minn.

Minnesota Farm Bureau

President discusses trade and other issues of importance to Minn. farmers

Minnesota Farm Bureau (MFB) President Kevin Paap and other members of the Minnesota Farm Bureau Board of Directors attended President Trump’s roundtable in Minnesota on Monday.

“Minnesota Farm Bureau appreciated President Trump’s trip to Minnesota to discuss the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that went into effect last year. That legislation kept a lot of important tax provisions for farmers and ranchers including reduced tax rates, the new business income deduction, provisions to allow the matching of income and expenses, immediate cost recovery and an increase in the estate tax exemption,” said MFBF President Paap. “The President also discussed trade which is a big concern for Minnesota farmers. We need to continue to defend and expand trade opportunities. Once you lose a market, it is really hard to get it back. It is important to resolve these trade imbalances through negotiations, not tariffs and withdrawals.”

“Minnesota Farm Bureau will continue to work with our elected officials and this administration to make sure that we enact policies that help farmers and ranchers weather the financial and emotional challenges currently facing agriculture,” said MFBF President Paap.


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