Milk Specialties Global Acquires Visalia Facility

Dairy manufacturing facility gains new, committed owner

Milk Specialties Global, an industry-leading nutritional ingredient manufacturer, has acquired their manufacturing facility in Visalia, CA, that was previously being operated under a lease.  The acquisition of the facility demonstrates the Company’s commitment to continue to operate the facility that employees 74 people and processes over 2 million pounds of raw milk per day. The seller is Rockview Dairies headquartered in Downey, California.

Milk Specialties began leasing the Visalia facility in 2012 and has made significant investments to expand production capacity, operational efficiencies and improve sustainability impact. By acquiring the facility, the company is securing this critical asset to support the long-term future growth of their business.

“After acquiring the facility, we are committed to making further investments in the operation to keep up with our customers’ growing demand while continuing to maintain our quality reputation,” states Troy Peifer, Chief Financial Officer.

Every day, Visalia processes over 2 million pounds of raw milk and manufactures the milk into high demand products like milk protein, micellar casein, and liquid calf milk replacer.



Milk protein and micellar casein are ingredients most commonly used in the ready-to-drink sports nutrition product category for a range of companies from small U.S. businesses to global nutrition leaders. The Company’s liquid milk replacer is most commonly delivered to western dairies and calf ranches.

“The Visalia facility is critical to our milk protein business and continued success in manufacturing ingredients that are used in nutritional products for consumers and animals around the world,” added Mr. Peifer.

About Milk Specialties Global

Milk Specialties Global is an industry-leading nutrition performance manufacturer of high-quality dairy protein ingredients and animal nutrition supplements designed to optimize the health and nutrition of people and animals around the world. The Human Nutrition division is a customized protein ingredient provider serving the rapidly growing sports nutrition, health & wellness, and functional food segments of the food and beverage industry. MSG’s Animal Nutrition division offers a spectrum of specialty dairy ingredients used in the formulation and processing of animal nutrition products, as well as a comprehensive line of milk replacers, ration supplements and rumen-inert fats. The company processes approximately 16 billion pounds of dairy equivalents annually, impacting 9% of the U.S. Milk Supply and was named the 2018 Exporter of the Year by the U.S. Dairy Export Council.



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