Minerva Dairy Expanding Into More Whole Foods Market Locations

America’s oldest family-owned creamery bringing its “better butter” products to more than 100 stores in South and mid-Atlantic regions

Minerva Dairy, America’s oldest family-owned creamery, will now have its products available in nearly a hundred Whole Foods Market locations spread across the country’s South and mid-Atlantic regions.

Beginning July 15, Minerva items will start appearing for the first time in Whole Foods Market locations in the South. While some Minerva Dairy products already are sold in Whole Foods Market stores in the mid-Atlantic region, the retailer will add additional Minerva Dairy products to its shelves in these locations sometime in August.

“We’ve focused recently on expanding availability of our products, particularly in the Southeast,” explained Venae Watts, who with her brother, Adam Mueller, represents the fifth generation of Minerva ownership. “With this expansion into other Whole Foods Market stores, we’ll be reaching many more consumers who are interested not only in their food’s ingredients, but also in how that food is made and who makes it,” Watts said.

Watts suggested the South is full of new opportunity for the Ohio-based label. “We’re obviously eager for all those home chefs to discover our brand of flavorsome, slow-churned butter. We believe once they try it, they’ll be taken straight back to their grandmother’s kitchen and fall in love all over again with the flavors they grew up with.”

Demand for Minerva products has risen recently, in part due to the increased amount of home cooking that has resulted from the coronavirus pandemic. To keep up, some old hands from the fourth generation of Minerva ownership came out of retirement to help out the fifth generation. The kids from the sixth generation also have stepped up. “Everyone has pitched in, three generations strong,” Watts beamed.

Minerva Dairy is known for its distinctive 85-percent butterfat, slow-churned butter. For more than 125 years, the company has used farm-fresh milk from pasture-raised cows to turn out a time-tested product. All of Minerva’s products are GMO-free, antibiotic-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, and free of the synthetic hormone rBST.

Minerva Dairy products are either packaged in 8-ounce cartons (containing two 4-ounce sticks) or wrap enclosed in 1- or 2-pound hand rolls.

For more information about Minerva Dairy, visit minervadairy.com.


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  1. I’m a traditionalist at heart and happy to see a sixth generation creamory still going strong and expanding. Their secret is no secret-simply supply a quality product at a fair price and keep your customers-HAPPY!

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