MMPA members take home one quarter of all National Dairy Quality Awards

Eleven MMPA members were awarded National Dairy Quality Awards, making up about a quarter of the total winners. These MMPA members were among 41 nationally recognized farms in the annual award program. Five gold awards and six silver awards were earned by MMPA members.

MMPA offers a portfolio of member services to help members produce the highest quality milk possible, with field representatives working closely with each member to achieve quality goals. MMPA also offers a quality premium incentive for its members producing higher quality milk. MMPA’s large representation in the National Dairy Quality Awards underscores the hard work of the cooperative’s farms while competing against other well-performing farmers across the country.

“This year’s member representation in the National Dairy Quality Awards is a testament of our members’ commitment to producing the highest quality milk,” Ben Chapin, manager of field services said. “Producing this level of quality milk consistently takes dedication and overcoming the daily challenges of dairy farming.  Congratulations to our eleven members recognized.”

The winners were selected from a pool of 165 applicants nationwide. The winning operations stood out for having produced high-quality milk consistently. Applications were evaluated for measures of quality, systems of monitoring udder health, milking routine, protocols for detection and treatment of clinical and subclinical cases of mastitis and strategies for overall herd health and welfare. MMPA winners were nominated by their member representatives.

Gold Awards

  • Don Beattie, Holton, Michigan
  • Ron and Barb Brinks, McBain, Michigan
  • Brad and Debbie Kartes, West Branch, Michigan
  • Brad, Mark and Larry Crandall, Battle Creek, Michigan
  • Gordon Dick, McBain, Michigan

Silver Awards

  • Benthem Brothers, McBain, Michigan
  • Lynn, Clint and Parker Bivens, Bellevue, Michigan
  • Michael Bosscher, McBain, Michigan
  • David Mageean, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Mark Ramer, Hale, Michigan
  • Brian Wenkel, Standish, Michigan

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