My Dairy Dashboard Announces New Milk Basics Module for Users

My Dairy Dashboard announced the addition of the new Milk Basics module, expanding the menu of dashboards that producers have available on the platform. This new module is a simplified option that provides users with easy access to their basic milk and quality metrics by connecting milk processor data, weather data and herd/feed software when available for calculating ‘per cow’ metrics as well.

“We’ve received many requests for an entry-level option in My Dairy Dashboard,” explains Mitch Norby, CEO of My Dairy Dashboard. “We are making that available now with our new Milk Basics module. Dairies can now have easy access to visuals of their most recent milk production data without having to log into their co-op portal.”

My Dairy Dashboard, which began nearly two years ago, is a new way to visualize and analyze a dairy’s key performance metrics, putting simple yet powerful data visuals at the fingertips of producers and consultants. My Dairy Dashboard connects data sources (e.g., dairy management, feed, milk processor and weather) in one place, making data easier for dairy producers and their advisors to view and analyze. The result: simpler data management.

The new Milk Basics module consists of up to 18 key metric cards on My Dairy Dashboard and is available to all users on the dairy for $25/month. Per cow metrics, such as ECM per cow and FCM per cow, are also available in this module for herds that have cow counts available in herd or feed software. This new module is designed for dairies who want to simplify their data but might not need all the metrics available on the Essentials Module.

My Dairy Dashboard strives to help dairies stay focused on what really matters and save consultants time, so they can focus on analysis and helping dairies take action to improve their bottom line. With additions like Milk Basics, more producers and consultants will be able to connect and simplify their data management at a lower price point.

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