National Dairy Council Full-Fat Research Summary

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Dairy farmers have been funding research led by National Dairy Council on the role of whole milk dairy foods and wellness for over a decade.

In fact, around 70 studies have been published, adding to the growing body of evidence indicating that consuming dairy foods, regardless of fat content, as part of healthy eating patterns is not linked with risk of heart disease or type 2 diabetes. The paradigm shift to more fat flexibility in the dairy group is already happening in the real world as demonstrated through the many actions of consumers and thought leaders:

  • Whole milk has increased its volume share of milk. In 2020, whole milk holds 41% share, the largest of any fat level.
  • Major quick service restaurants are offering flexibility, too, with whole milk, cheeses, yogurts and, in some cases, butter.
  • Individual health and wellness professionals, hospitals and health authorities are starting to embrace fat flexibility for dairy foods such as Joslin Diabetes Center, the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Australian Heart Foundation.
  • While the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee report recommended decreasing added sugars from 10% to 6% of daily calories it DID NOT recommend decreasing saturated fat, which stayed at 10% of daily calories.

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