National DHIA and DairyBusiness Announce Partnership

Madera, California: Jay Mattison, CEO of NDHIA (left) and Joel Hastings, editor & publisher of DairyBusiness (right) following the signing ceremony, establishing a new partnership between the two 115 year old organizations.

DairyBusiness, LLC and National Dairy Herd Information Association (NDHIA) have entered into a partnership to provide news delivery and enhanced information to DHI organizations, dairy producers and industry agri-service personnel.

According to Joel Hastings, editor and publisher at, “Our media company was originally founded 115 years ago, just like the DHI system.  Throughout our history we have provided strong support for DHI organizations and milk recording. Our contemporary digital format today aligns very well with the mission of NDHIA to advance dairy information services.”

NDHIA CEO Jay Mattison says, “One of the most important goals of NDHIA is to be the voice of the dairy information industry.  The national reach, frequency and format of will greatly enhance our abilities to accomplish this mission.  In addition, we will support the creation of new communication technologies, several of which DairyBusiness will roll out very soon for the benefit of our members.”

DairyBusiness, LLC

DairyBusiness is focused on providing news and relevant information to dairy producers and industry service providers. The company features for daily news and information, a free weekly email to dairymen highlighting the top news, a weekly video broadcast, a bi-monthly digital magazine and more recently, a bi-monthly podcast.

National Dairy Herd Information Association

NDHIA promotes the accuracy, credibility, and uniformity of DHI records. The organization represents the DHIA system on issues involving other national and international organizations and is involved in activities that benefit members of National DHIA and DHI users.

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