NEAFA supports agricultural education

Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance

Through its Good Works program, NEAFA financially supports ag education

Since 2005 the Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance has conducted fundraising through our Good Works program to support charitable donations to organizations for agricultural outreach and education. Over $100,000 has been given to activities in New York and New England. The major fundraiser for this program, Golf for Good Works, is held annually at the premier golf courses of Turning Stone in Verona New York.

Examples of projects supported through the Good Works program include the New York Agricultural Society Foundation, Future Farmers of America Foundation, New York State 4-H Foundation’s Junior Dairy Leader Program, New York Animal Ag Coalition’s Dairy Cow Birthing Center, and LEAD New York. Regionally, contributions have been made to the Northeast Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge, the New England Green Pastures Dairy Farmer of the Year program and educational trips for dairy science students from Vermont Technical College and UMASS. A contribution to the Vermont Horse Council supported completion of a study on the economic impact of horses in Vermont.

To apply for Good Works funding submit a letter (addressed to chair of the Good Works committee) to, or mailed to:

Good Works Committee,
c/o Rick Zimmerman
194 Washington Avenue, Suite 610
Albany, NY 12210

In less than 500 words briefly describe your program, how the program supports agricultural outreach and education, and specifically how the Good Works funds will be used. Typical awards are between $500 and $2000. If awarded funds, you are requested to submit three to five high quality photos of the event that was supported through the Good Works program.