New app for electronic livestock health certificates

Nebraska Department of Agriculture

An easier, more convenient way for livestock health certificates to be completed

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) recently initiated an easier, more convenient way for livestock health certificates to be completed. NDA’s Animal Disease Traceability program recently launched a new application designed for Nebraska veterinarians to issue livestock health certificates electronically as an alternative to paper health certificates. Nebraska veterinarians issue thousands of livestock health certificates a year.

“NDA processed more than 84,000 health certificates for 2018, a number that represents millions of head of cattle and other livestock required by law to have official identification,” said NDA Director Steve Wellman. “This new app will help veterinarians issue livestock health certificates anytime and anywhere with their computers, smartphones and tablets.”

The application and service are free, and the technology encourages veterinarians to use electronic health certificates as opposed to paper ones that cost more to process.

“When veterinarians use paper health certificates, NDA staff have to individually enter that information into a database, which is time consuming, costly and has a potential for error,” Wellman said. “Receiving information electronically, has proven to be easier and quicker to compile.”

Health certificates are required by law when producers move cattle and other livestock out of Nebraska. This gives officials the ability to trace an animal’s location and origin should a disease outbreak occur and makes the disease traceability process faster and more accurate.

Veterinarians can download the electronic health certificate application by visiting NDA’s website at: The link, under “hot topics,” is called “Free Smartphone CVI with Instructions for Nebraska Veterinarians.” The new application supports the following devices and platforms: iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows 10.

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