New BlissBrush™ – Dependable, Long-Lasting Cow Brush

BlissBrush offers the widest line of cow brushes—with a solution for every farm. is pleased to announce the introduction of BlissBrush, now available for American dairy and beef producers. It’s the most durable cow massaging brush available, manufactured using a galvanized steel hanging bracket and a durable frame built to withstand the toughest use while keeping cows delighted and relaxed.



Cow brushes are proven to deliver a high level of cow comfort. Research indicates clear benefits resulting from the use of brushes, both for the cow and the farm. Cows are highly motivated by the tension relief they get from a brush massage, and one German study found that 85% to 100% of cows will use a brush daily if it is available to them. Another study conducted by Cornell University showed that dairy cows with access to a brush produced approximately 2 lbs. more milk per day than their brushless counterparts. Furthermore, cow brushes give cows clean, shiny coats, which is thought to be why cows with access to brushes have a lower incidence of mastitis.

BlissBrush is dependable and long-lasting, backed by 30 years of experience. With thousands of brushes sold worldwide, US producers can be sure of the quality construction of the BlissBrush. It is the strongest, most durable brush available. The single-piece brush shaft is virtually indestructible, and the heavy-duty ball bearings ensure years of smooth performance. BlissBrush also features a powerful motor that has been proven to stand up to constant use, running for thousands of hours. BlissBrush is the most economical way to provide dairy and beef cow comfort and is backed by the industry-leading warranty on all mechanical parts.

BlissBrush™ offers the widest line of cow brushes available. The BlissBrush family has a solution for every farm:

  • BlissBrush Max offers maximum coverage and versatility through a patented design that provides the deepest massage using longer-lasting bristles and a unique pivot and swing for maximum body coverage and cow comfort. And the contoured full-body brush offers automatic reverse, ensuring even wear and a thorough massage.
  • BlissBrush Double provides the pleasure of a dual massage, with back and side brushes that offer the benefits of cow brushing and cow comfort in barns with limited or tight spaces.
  • BlissBrush Single is the right choice for farms that have extreme space limitations, giving cows the comfort of a good back rub and cleaning down to the skin without needing the space of larger BlissBrush options.
  • BlissBrush Baby is designed specifically for calves, providing the amusement they crave while cleaning their coats and helping them stay comfortable and healthy. The BlissBrush Baby can easily be incorporated into group pens and is an excellent choice for goats as well.

Where to Buy: BlissBrushes are available from local dealers or through

 About is focused on delivering the highest quality in cow comfort products and providing effective solutions for dairy and beef operations of all sizes. Our goal is to improve the health of the herd with products that are made of the best quality materials for the job. Our parent company, Spring Valley Ag, is committed to superior production in next-generation barn ventilation and cooling systems that result in healthier animals and higher production levels.


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