New campaign support PA dairy

Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Agriculture came to Blair County today to kick off a new campaign to support local dairy farmers. Russell Redding stopped by Martin’s Supermarket in Altoona to spotlight the “Choose Pa Dairy”  campaign to educate consumers on how to buy locally produced milk.

Redding says before buying milk, look for the “Pa Preferred Label” on the carton, which indicates that  the product is produced in Pennsylvania.


Dairy farming is the largest part of Pennsylvania’s agriculture industry, raking in more than $14 billion and supporting more than 50 thousand jobs. The agriculture secretary said Pa. dairy farmers are struggling because they’re receiving lower prices for their product and because residents are drinking less milk.

“What happens in the next six months to a year will be telling to what happens to dairy in Pennsylvania, whether we can sustain what we have. We’re working hard to do that but it’s important to be thinking about as a consumer how can you support Pa agriculture and Pa. dairy. One way is to buy milk,” he said.

Redding noted that all of the store brand milk sold by Martin’s and Giant stores in Pennsylvania is produced by Pa dairy farmers.