New Dairy on the Air Episode — Dairy: An Environmental Solution

Midwest Dairy

The most recent episode of Midwest Dairy’s Dairy on the Air podcast – Dairy: An Environmental Solution – features a discussion three industry experts had at the virtual Dairy Experience Forumthis August, diving into how their unique parts of the dairy community are working toward the industry’s 2050 Environmental Stewardship Goals.

This conversation includes the perspectives of Midwest Dairy farmer Suzanne Vold, First District Association president & CEO Bob Huffman, and Bel Brands USA director of milk sourcing and dairy sustainability Brian Zook, along with commentary from farm broadcaster Andy Vance. Representing three distinct parts of the supply chain, each offers a unique perspective about how they will need to work together – as a collective whole – to reach those goals.

Each of the panelists agree that sustainability starts on-farm, while also nodding to the outstanding efforts and practices that farmers implement each day to decrease their carbon footprint, improve water quality and reduce and optimize water usage. In addition, the group discusses how the entire dairy supply chain needs to remain committed to sharing dairy’s sustainability story to continue to build trust in dairy.

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