New Food Safety Guide to be Made Available to Registrants


A Culture of Asking = Improved Food Safety

with Lone Jespersen, PhD

Lone Jespersen, PhD

Creating a culture of asking questions is the key to improving your operation’s food safety.

IDFA is pleased to announce we will be releasing a brand new guide of simple methods for dairy businesses to continually improve their culture of food safety. This guide will be released on Thursday to those who register to join the webinar, “A Culture of Asking = Improved Food Safety.”

Register and Receive the Guide

This interactive webinar will challenge assumptions that your teams might currently be making about food safety. You will take away a simple, practical, and fun intervention that you and your teams can use tomorrow to practice asking food safety questions and drive proactive food safety performance.
Join IDFA’s team of subject matter experts and renowned food science and safety expert Lone Jespersen for this informative webinar on practical methods for creating a food safety culture at your business.

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