New Non-Invasive Technology Increases Cattle Health

Bovine Frequency Products (BFP) is a company with a brand-new application that utilizes frequencies imprinted on surgical grade stainless steel boluses that can be inserted orally into cattle. These innovative products are non-magnetic, permanently imprinted and non-toxic to bovine animals.

This new class of products, being introduced by Doug Andrews, in conjunction with Tuning Element technology, is a pro-cellular, nano-technology that provides health benefits similar to what pro-biotics do in human bodies. There are no magnets, copper or negative ions. The boluses help improve the animal’s body so they can heal themselves better from common ailments, which can have many benefits. The boluses have extremely low electromagnetic frequencies that are embedded in the metal. The frequencies are so low that they do not need an external power supply. The electrical impulses created by the animals naturally, activate the bolus upon contact.

This new application may sound strange, but the results are astounding!

Starting in 2015, after many years of research and product development, Andrews began testing the product in a herd consisting of approximately 2000 dairy cows in Menomonie, WI. Out of that herd, 48 heifers, with the highest SCC and lowest milk production levels were selected to ingest the boluses. They were then studied and tracked over a 12-month period, along with 48 of the healthiest heifers, selected at the same time. In the first 1-2 months the cows with the with the high SCC had a dramatic decrease in SCC and a steady increase in milk production. They also developed higher protein and fat content than the 48 healthy cows. The test continued for the full 12 months and the positive results stayed the same. This product literally took the sickest heifers in the herd and elevated them higher than the healthiest heifers within 2 months!

Tuning Elements, a company started in 2010, manufactures non-magnetic, pain relief technology that uses frequency to help balance human energy within a persons’ body.  The metal used in Tuning Elements is tuned to the frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field, and when exposed to these frequencies, the human energy field becomes stronger and more resilient. Andrews modified the combination of frequencies in Tuning Elements products and produced a “genetic bolus” with the same principal but with a different style that can easily be inserted into cattle.

In a different study that Andrews started in 2017, a Purepride Holstein was selected to determine the genetic benefits of the product. A veterinarian’s first flush of the heifer yielded six eggs with three of them being #1s that were then frozen and later utilized. The second flush, which was done approximately three months later, on the same heifer, yielded 10 eggs with five of them being #1s. The test was continued for an additional 2 years and egg production levels continued to increase with the third flush yielding 24 eggs with 21 #1s, the fourth flush yielding 21 eggs with 14 #1s, the fifth flush yielding 30 eggs with 22 #1s, the sixth flush yielding 38 eggs with 17 #1s and he seventh flush yielding 21 eggs with 14 #1s. It is important to note that flushes five through seven were done more rapidly than usual, within six weeks of each other.

Several other genetic breeders have also been utilized for genetic testing, on different breeds of cattle, and the results have been similar. More comprehensive information and results of these tests can be found online at The price of a single bolus is $120 for the milk product and $250 for the genetic product. Both can be ordered through the BFP website.



Andrews first learned about Tuning Element, an American-made product, while he was on vacation in Branson, MO in late 2012. Tuning Element products are made in Branson, and distributed throughout the world via independent dealers. Andrews was so impressed by the results he personally had with Tuning Elements, that he brought the product back to South Dakota and began telling others about the many benefits of this space age technology. He has been selling Tuning Elements ever since. Tuning Element products were developed and have been used as a pro-cellular device in humans by using frequency to help balance human energy within a persons’ body.  Andrews suspected that this technology would also be beneficial for use in animals and his test results prove this theory. He is excited for this next phase of Tuning Elements technology applications.

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