New Product: Mastitis Diagnostic Product from FERA

AccuMast®, an on-farm mastitis diagnostic kit, utilizes color to identify different mastitis pathogens. It diagnoses all of the treatable mastitis pathogens in just 16 hours, making selective therapy a reality, significantly reducing the cost of mastitis and improving cure rates, overall cow health and profitability.

 Obtain a sample from the affected quarter and streak milk onto the plate. Incubate for 16 hours, waiting to treat cows according to results without negatively affecting cure rates

The results are color-coded and easy-to-read, with fewer contaminated samples than traditional lab cultures.

Assistance from a trained technician only a text or email away – simply send a picture to FERA for quick customer support.

Here’s the latest video from Dr. Rodrigo Bicalho, CEO and president of FERA.

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