New Products

New AgroChem Footbath Dosing System Ensures Consistency, Saves Time, and Money and Eliminates Human Error

NP07-03-17 AgroChem Footbath Dosing System

                The Footbath Dosing System from AgroChem, Inc. delivers a precise quantity of pre-mixed footbath concentration at the touch of a button, with no manual measuring or mixing required. The comprehensive, automated system ensures consistency, helps reduce costs, enhances accuracy, improves worker safety and improves overall hoof health.

The system can be programmed for use with two different products, each with its own pump, for use separately or in rotation. For example, producers who want results without formaldehyde may run HEALMAX®, while producers looking to reduce copper sulfate usage may run DURAHOOF.

Other benefits include:

  • Consistent, repeatable results for healthier hooves
  • Optimizing the value of hoof care chemicals, with no more wasted products from inaccurate measuring
  • Reduced costs from flushing and replenishing on a pre-determined schedule
  • Enhanced safety through reduced exposure to dangerous formaldehyde fumes

According to Ben Collopy, a herdsman from Emerlings Dairy in Perry, NY, “The team loves the ease of the Footbath Dosing System. It keeps everyone safe and does a great job of improving hoof health.”

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Bazooka Farmstar Releases Four New Products

                 Bazooka Farmstar released a line of new products last week at the world's largest pork industry-specific tradeshow: The Ground Tracker Series, The 40’ Titan Series, The Full Throttle Series, and The Quantum Drive System wireless remote.

Bazooka Ground Tracker Series

The Ground Tracker Series, otherwise known as the GT Series, is a heavy-duty swiveling tank bar. Each mount swivels 30 degrees in each direction and has the ability to closely “track” ground contours while maintaining high performance of the injection units. Its design reduces strain on tanks and injectors, extending the useful life of equipment.

NP07-03-17 Bazooka40'TitanToolbar
Bazooka 40’ Titan Toolbar

The 40’ Titan Series has the same game changing technology as the original, and then some. Its new, 16” narrow unit spacing reduces streaking, increases gallons per acre, provides even coverage, grants precise nutrient placement, and requires no additional tillage. The enhanced 8” front folding swing arm increases flow and reduces wear and corrosion.

Bazooka Full Throttle 500 Gallon
Bazooka Full Throttle 500 Gallon

The Full Throttle Series has the fuel capacity to run longer with its 500 gallon integrated fuel tank. Our latest trailer system was created to accommodate nearly all engine, pump, and plumbing combinations from 300 HP to 600 HP engines, with or without clutch. With a reinforced front deck, this trailer has the capacity for ATV or parts storage for added convenience.

Bazooka QDS Wireless
Bazooka QDS Wireless

The Quantum Drive System wireless remote enables control of the freewheel, wind and unwind speed, and pivot from outside the tractor cab. This is an added convenience to the QDS, which already offers the fastest hydraulic wind and unwind on the market, as well as, the fastest controlled freewheel on the market.

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GEA brings automation to the barn with the FRone feed pusher

GEA FRone Feed Pusher
GEA FRone Feed Pusher

                The FRone automated feed pusher from GEA works around the clock to keep fresh, high-quality feed at the bunk, maximizing your cows’ production potential while giving you back countless hours of valuable time.

“Dairy farmers are always looking for innovative ways to keep labor costs down while boosting milk production and automated feed pushing is an easy way to do that,” says Eric Moscho, director of barn equipment sales with GEA North America. “Cows are more apt to increase their dry matter intake when feed is constantly available. The FRone keeps feed in front of cows day and night, increasing milk production and decreasing feed refusal.”

The FRone can be easily programmed in an unlimited number of routes throughout a 24-hour period with start times that best fit your farm’s feeding regime. It’s also capable of cleaning the whole feed alley. After each route, the FRone returns to the charging station to recharge until the next scheduled feed push.

“With up to 19 hours of run time available, the FRone will keep feed available all the time, so you don’t have to,” says Moscho. “Plus, its robust, reliable design ensures longevity and limited maintenance. Between the time and labor savings and increased milk production, the robot will quickly pay for itself.”

Optimize your bunk management, regardless of your farm’s size or barn style, with the help of the FRone automated feed pusher. To learn more, contact your local GEA dealership or contact GEA at 1-877-WS-Dairy (1-877-973-2479).