New Products

IgGCheck Calf Passive Transfer Test from PortaCheck

In response to requests from bovine veterinary practitioners and calf raisers, PortaCheck has added a new on-farm passive transfer test called IgGCheck to their product line.

“Monitoring immunoglobulin (IgG) levels in newborn calves is key to ensuring they have received adequate transfer of antibodies from colostrum. Getting quick and accurate results on the farm can make the difference in the animal’s long term health and production. This 10-minute test measures antibodies not just protein levels like other products being used to check calves today,” said Mike Gavin, President of PortaCheck.

PortaCheck has become an on-farm testing leader with a full product line that assists producers in making management decisions and improving animal health.  The company also provides the BHBCheck blood ketone test, the PortaCheck Rainbow Scours test, UdderCheck™ sub-clinical mastitis test, the PortaBHB® milk ketone test and the PortaSCC® milk test for dairy cattle and goats.

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Kubota RTV-X1120 Utility Vehicle

Kubota Tractor Corporation introduces the new RTV-X1120 models, Kubota’s most well-equipped utility vehicle at the best price among its competition. Designed for the commercial customers who use these machines for heavy duty work every day, the Kubota RTV-X1120 combines Kubota quality with enhanced power, torque and performance at a starting price point of $13,999 MSRP.

The RTV-X1120 features a 24.8 gross horsepower 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine diesel engine, providing extra acceleration and climbing power. The engine and VHT-X transmission provide a top speed of 29 mph as well as plenty of hill-climbing power. With the increased speed comes an increased dynamic load, so the RTV-X1120 comes equipped with three-point seatbelts for safety.

Designed for reducing operator fatigue during long work days, the RTV-X1120 features new shoulder restraints for the operator and passenger, ergonomically designed 60:40 split bucket seats, digital dashboard display, fully hydraulic power steering, easily accessible parking brake and large under seat storage compartments. The RTV-X1120 models are available in two color options: Kubota Orange and RealTree® AP Camo. Options include machine-polished alloy wheels (standard on RTV-X1120D models only), optional black alloy rims and a spray-on bed liner is also available on all models except for the General Purpose model.

The new RTV-X1120 models will be available at Kubota dealerships in February 2018. For more information visit

Krone North America Introduces New Krone BiG X 680, 780 and 880 Forage Harvesters

Krone North America introduces a new generation of Cutting Edge™ Forage Harvesters designed for the North American market. Producers can expect:


  • Exceptional performance from the streamlined VariStream crop flow technology.
  • Exclusive Krone design featuring a spring-loaded floor beneath the chopping cylinder and a spring-loaded plate behind the crop accelerator to improve crop flow by allowing clumps of forage to pass smoothly.
  • The upgraded design features six feed rollers—now with increased reliability from stronger springs—that create maximum crop compression before entering the cutting drum.
  • Stepless hydrostatic drive gives the chopper operator optimum speed control.
  • An integrated additive system (high/low volume), and RockProtect system that quickly detects rocks, thus protecting the producer’s investment.

These new choppers are equipped with new Tier 4 Final Liebherr Engines, providing a proven power source for the Krone Power System, featuring PowerSplit technology that adapts the engine output automatically to the current harvest conditions. EcoPower is used in situations that do not require full engine power, whereas X Power delivers the engine’s maximum speed to succeed in difficult conditions. This technology allows for high productivity and fuel economy.

Run all day thanks to improved fuel capacity and efficiency, and high pressure AdBlue system. These new BiG X Forage Harvesters will turn on a dime, thanks to the improved, tighter turning radius.

Chopper operation is further improved by better diagnostics. New touch screen display delivers simplified and advanced diagnostics. Servicing is easy, thanks to improved engine and drum access, rear-axle lift and swing out steps.

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