New Products: Alliance AgriFlex+ Flotation Tire

The revolutionary Alliance Agriflex+ 389 VF Flotation Tire from Alliance Tire brings very-high flexion technology to flotation…in sizes purpose-built for manure tanks.

VF technology gives manure handlers a choice of benefits—30% bigger loads at the same inflation pressure as standard radials, or the same load at 30% less inflation pressure. That means less compaction as well as minimal soil disturbance from its self-cleaning, non-directional tread.

The Alliance Agriflex+ 389 VF is also rated for speeds up to 40 mph/64 kmh.

Soil compaction can damage fields for years, cutting yield potential. Flotation tires have helped reduce the impact of heavy equipment like manure tanks for years. More recently, super-flexible IF and VF tires have dramatically lowered compaction from tractors, combines and sprayers. Now, Alliance Tire, long a global leader in flotation tire technology, brings the best of both worlds—VF sidewall technology in a high-flotation tire.

With Alliance Agriflex+ technology on your tractor—like the Alliance Agriflex+ 372 or the 365 VF Agri-Star—as well as on your manure tank, you’ll have the ultimate combination of load-carrying performance and reduced soil compaction.

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