New Products: Boehringer Ingelheim Receives The Approval For New Label Claim For Cattle Reproductive Products

Cystorelin® (gonadorelin) by Merial and Synchsure (cloprostenol sodium) by Merial Now Labeled for Combination Use

Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) recently announced that its product, CYSTORELIN, is now labeled for use in combination with SYNCHSURE to synchronize estrous cycles to allow for fixed-time artificial insemination in lactating dairy cows and beef cows.

“CYSTORELIN and SYNCHSURE deliver dependability and flexibility that can improve overall herd reproductive performance,” said Dr. Stephen Foulke, professional services veterinarian, BI. “We’re proud to help producers take the guesswork out of their breeding programs and to help their herd conceive and calve on schedule, saving them time and money.”

When used in combination, the products can provide producers with:

  • Shortened time to first service
  • Increased estrus-detection efficiency
  • Improved first-service conception rate in their cattle


“Comprehensive breeding programs are becoming more and more relevant,” noted Dr. Foulke. “Reproduction has significant impacts on the overall profitability, performance and viability of an operation, whether it’s beef or dairy. Whatever beef producers can do to shorten their breeding season, or dairy producers to shorten their days open in their cattle, will help to create a positive economic impact on their operation now and for future generations.”


While many factors have a large impact on reproductive successes such as nutrition, cow comfort, heat abatement, dry cow management and more, Dr. Foulke said the best reproduction program is one that can get done consistently and correctly. “I recommend working closely with your herd veterinarian to determine your specific reproduction goals to implement the best synchronization program for your needs.”

To learn more about how to implement CYSTORELIN and SYNCHSURE into your operation, visit, or talk with your veterinarian or BI representative.