New Products: Enogen® Feed Hybrids Energize Dairy Rations

Enogen® Feed corn hybrids from Syngenta, fed as silage, can help dairy operators improve profit potential by providing increased energy availability to cows.

“Enogen Feed silage offers a step-change in starch and sugar availability in the digestive process,” said Duane Martin, commercial traits product lead, Syngenta. “By converting starch to sugar more efficiently and rapidly, it enables an increase in available energy. It also offers improved fiber digestibility for improved intake.”

Syngenta research1 has shown that Enogen Feed silage may:

  • Offer the potential for higher neutral detergent fiber digestibility (NDFD)
  • Provide lower levels of undigestible fiber
  • Provide an increase in total tract neutral determent fiber digestibility (TTNDFD)
  • Enable greater starch and sugar availability

“Starch and sugar are important energy contributors, and a high-quality forage that maximizes the use of available starch and sugar will help maximize energy in the ration,” said Martin. “More available energy and improved fiber digestibility means greater profit potential for dairy operations.”


In addition to providing a benefit in the feed, Enogen Feed hybrids also offer benefits for crop production. With proven genetics and traits, Enogen Feed hybrids can deliver excellent in-field performance – equal to or exceeding that of other high-performing corn hybrids2 – with no additional agronomic management challenges3unlike some silage-specific hybrids.

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Syngenta contract research, 2016

2 Syngenta production data from over 350,000 Enogen acres, 2012-2015

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