New Products: First Defense® Tri-Shield™ USDA-approved for rotavirus

The first preventative for the three primary scours-causing pathogens in newborn calves.

Portland, Maine [December 19, 2017] – ImmuCell introduces First Defense® Tri-Shield, a first of its kind USDA-approved scours preventative for all three primary scours-causing pathogens in newborn calves: rotavirus, coronavirus and K99+ E. coli.

The new First Defense® Tri-Shield combines the E. coli and coronavirus antibodies contained in ImmuCell’s legacy product, First Defense®, with a guaranteed level of rotavirus antibodies.

“This is a game changer,” says Bobbi Brockmann, vice president of sales and marketing with ImmuCell. “First Defense® Tri-Shield breaks the mold when it comes to scours protection, providing an alternative to the traditional calf- or dam-level vaccinations.”

Administered orally in a single-dose gel tube, First Defense® Tri-Shield™ eliminates the need for calf- or dam-level scours vaccinations.

“No scour vaccine means the calf can save its energy for what’s important – growth – instead of diverting energy away to mount a vaccine immune response. Eliminating dam vaccination(s) means less stress on the cow, increases the response rate to critical vaccines and clears room in the vaccination schedule,” says Brockmann. “First Defense® Tri-Shieldoffers the industry an opportunity to go Beyond Vaccination, providing a better way to protect calves from scours.”

One dose of First Defense® Tri-Shield™ provides immediate immunity. There’s no need to stimulate an immune response or follow-up with annual boosters. All calves are protected equally with guaranteed antibody levels in every dose. And, the investment is made only in live-born, valued calves, as opposed to dam vaccines where the money needs to be spent before the calf is even born.

Contact Bobbi Brockmann directly at 515-450-2035 or [email protected]. Learn more about First Defense® Tri-Shield at