New Products: Y-TEX Corporation Launches New TRI-ZAP™ lnsecticide Cattle Ear Tags

Y-TEX Corporation, one of the leading global suppliers of livestock identification and pest control solutions, today announced the launch of its new TRI-ZAP™ Insecticide Ear Tags for beef and dairy cattle.  Featuring three proven active ingredients, new TRI-ZAP tags represent a major advancement in the control of horn flies, face flies, lice and Spinose ear ticks.

“TRI-ZAP combines the repellency of zetacypermethrin and the killing power of abamectin with the synergistic effects of piperonyl butoxide to create the most effective fly control product on the market today for pastured beef and dairy cattle,” stated Dr. Mike Fletcher, Vice President of Research & Development for Y-TEX.  “TRI-ZAP stops both pyrethroid-resistant horn flies and hard-to-control face flies from feeding on your cattle and stealing your profits.  Our data shows the more resistant horn flies are to zetacypermethrin, the more susceptible they are to abamectin, making this combination an ideal part of any rotation strategy to manage horn fly resistance.”

In addition to its new TRI-ZAP tags, Y-TEX markets a full line of insecticide ear tags and strips, including GardStar® Plus, OPtimizer®, PYthon®, PYthon® Magnum™, Warrior™ and XP 820® brands.  The company also offers Brute® Pour-on and GardStar 40% EC Spray insecticides for cattle.

“With the introduction of our new TRI-ZAP tags, along with our new Y-Tags™ one-piece identification ear tag system, Y-TEX offers the broadest, most advanced line of livestock ear tags on the market today,” noted Glenn A. Nielson, President of Y-TEX Corporation.  “Whether a beef or dairy producer is looking for insecticide tags, ID tags or both, we have the products to meet their exact needs.”

Y-TEX is dedicated to the livestock industry.  We sell livestock identification, pest control products and equine products throughout the United States and internationally.  Our skilled people and state of the art production facilities have ensured superior product quality and customer satisfaction for more than 50 years.  Y-TEX is a privately-held company based in Cody, Wyoming.  Visit for more information.