New Products: YMCP Fresh Cow Recovery Product from TechMix Global

TechMix Global announces the introduction of YMCP® Vitall™, the dairy industry’s first-ever fresh cow product that combines live yeast, calcium chloride, trace elements and vitamins in an effervescent bolus to help transition cows recover more quickly and produce more milk after calving. Each YMCP Vitall dose contains a minimum of 30 billion colony forming units of live yeast, multiple calcium sources, magnesium, potassium, niacin and osmolytes to help fresh cows get on feed faster after calving. YMCP Vitall is designed with a patented fast acting effervescent chemistry that dramatically enhances dispersion and absorption of all ingredients. The new YMCP Vitall bolus improves ease and speed of dosing for producers.

YMCP Vitall became available in the United States on October 15, 2017 and will launch in Europe at the end of the year. “Our new YMCP Vitall bolus offers many innovations to the fresh cow category that will help dairy producers improve production efficiency,” says Mike Nelson, TechMix CEO. “It’s the first fresh cow bolus to elicit a blood calcium, milk yield, and dry matter intake response in a published university trial. It’s the first fresh cow bolus to offer effervescent technology, and it’s the first to combine calcium chloride with live yeast. It’s the first fresh cow bolus to enable all key ingredients to be highly bioavailable and activate immediately upon entering the digestive system.”

Each YMCP Vitall dose (two boluses) contains more than 44 grams of elemental calcium — including calcium chloride, a highly bioavailable form of calcium. The combination of rapidly available calcium chloride and the sustained release of calcium carbonate maximizes absorption of calcium. YMCP Vitall is coated with a unique protective covering that prevents effervescent reaction from starting until the bolus reaches the digestive tract making it extremely safe to use.

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