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Balchem Ingredient Solutions Announces Cultured Application Solutions for the Dairy Industry

For decades, Balchem Ingredient Solutions, formerly SensoryEffects, has created innovative solutions in frozen desserts and flavored milks. Now, we can help you create more innovative cultured dairy products too.

Let us help you solve your production challenges with our fast-to-market systems approach to deliver peace of mind in your cultured applications, specifically Dairy and Non-Dairy Yogurts, Quark/ Fromage Frais, Lassi, Dahi, Buttermilk, Cottage Cheese, Cream Cheese and Dessert Toppings.

Whether dairy manufacturers are looking for a pre-formulated system or a custom solution, our team of health and nutrition experts including a dedicated research & development staff can help. Visit or email to learn more.

Balchem® Ingredient Solutions is the premium ingredient solutions provider for food and beverage manufacturers that require proven food improvement systems. Balchem Ingredient Solutions is the new market brand for SensoryEffects and IFP, Inc., which were both recently purchased to create a balanced platform for proven ingredient solutions in the food and beverage market.


SensoryEffects, Inc. dba Balchem Ingredient Solutions is based in the metro Saint Louis, Missouri area, and is a company of Balchem Corporation, headquartered in New York, and traded on the NASDAQ under the BCPC ticker. Email us at: Visit us online at: ©2019, SensoryEffects, Inc. dba Balchem Ingredient Solutions, All Rights Reserved.

Balchem®, Balchem Encapsulates®, BakeShure®, BetrFlakes®, ConfecShure®, Diehl®, IFP®, Insta-Thick®, Kalva®, and Vita-Rite® are trademarks of Balchem Corporation and/or its subsidiaries and are registered in the United States and other countries. Insta*BlendTM, Insta-TrinTM, JerzeeTM, and JuicePacTM, are trademarks of Balchem Corporation and/or its subsidiaries. RichMix® is a trademark of ACH Jupiter, Inc and is licensed to SenoryEffects, Inc. QuIC CreamerTM and QuIC WhipTM are trademarks of Quality Ingredients Corporation and are licensed to SensoryEffects, Inc.


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