New York 4-H District Dairy Bowl 2019

Cornell Cooperative Extension

Dairy Bowl provides an educational opportunity for youth interested in the dairy industry

Congratulations to all of the participants! (Courtesy Photo)

On Saturday March 2nd, 9 youth, ages 8- 15, represented Rensselaer County 4-H at the 2019 4-H District Dairy Bowl Contest. The day consisted of a “quiz bowl” competition where teams from within our region competed on their knowledge of dairy cattle and the dairy industry. Everyone had a wonderful and fun filled day where they were able to show off their skills and knowledge that they have spent months practicing. It was also a day spent meeting new and old friends from around the capital district.

The members of the Rensselaer County Teams are as follows:

Senior Team: Captain Travis Michel and members Amber MacNeil, and Lainey Koval (Saratoga County) ranked 5th.

Junior Team: Captain Terrie Ann Cottrell and members Allison Michel, Luke Hoag, and Josie Schmidt ranked 6th. Luke placed 8th individually, Terrie Ann placed 9th individually, and Allison placed 10th individually.

Beginner Team: Captain William Cottrell and members Brennan Michel, and Aaron Cipperly ranked 4th, and William placed 7th individually.

Congratulations to all of the participants! Also, a huge thank you to the coaches: Tara Cottrell (Senior Team), Rachel MacNeil (Junior Team), and Scott & Kelly Michel (Beginner Team), as well as all the parents and volunteers- none of this would be possible without all of you!

Dairy Bowl provides an educational opportunity for youth interested in the dairy industry, including those who may not own a dairy project animal. For more information about this program or other programs offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension please contact us at 518-272-4210. Cornell Cooperative Extension is an employer and educator recognized for valuing equal program and employment opportunities.

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