New York Board issues RFP for dairy promotion projects

New York Department of Agriculture

The DPO Advisory Board met on July 27 to discuss its priorities and goals for 2021

The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets today announced that the Dairy Promotion Order (DPO) Advisory Board has issued a Requests for Proposals (RFP) for dairy promotion projects, as part of its $15 million checkoff fund. The RFP solicits proposals for projects that market and promote New York-produced fluid milk and dairy products with the goal of increasing consumer demand for and consumption of New York’s many dairy products.



Eligible applicants include non-profit entities, research institutions, and private businesses that are not affiliated with the DPO Advisory Board. Project proposals may not promote a specific brand or trade name.

To be considered for funding, applications are due September 7, 2020.  Applications and additional information can be found on the Department’s website.

Funding is made available directly from New York State dairy producers through the New York State Dairy Promotion Order Act, and is intended to help dairy farmers and processors further their reach to both domestic and international markets.

An RFP focusing on dairy research projects was released on July 24.

The DPO Advisory Board met on July 27 to discuss its priorities and goals for 2021 and to receive updates on previously funded projects.  The Board identified six goals to guide its work in boosting the dairy industry in New York State. The goals are:

  • Increase the consumption of New York milk and dairy products by youth (lunches, breakfasts, and other offerings)
  • Promote uniqueness of, and increase sales of, New York milk, dairy products and/or ingredients throughout the entire food supply chain through various distribution channels, including but not limited to, retail stores, e-commerce, curb-side sales, etc.
  • Improve the image of dairy products and/or dairy producers among consumers, improving the acceptance and consumption of New York milk and dairy products.
  • Improve communication to dairy producers to inform them how they can highlight their sustainability story to help increase the consumption of New York milk and dairy products.
  • Increase the sales and consumption of milk and dairy products produced in the US and exported to other countries.
  • Participate in national programs influencing increased consumption of milk and dairy products.

As part of the project overview, the Board was briefed on the status of the 2020 research and promotion projects to date. Last year, the Board approved funding for seven research and promotion projects, which are all underway:

  • VentureFuel
    : $475,000 to launch a competition among start-up firms to create an innovative new dairy product.
  • American Dairy Association North East: $10,500,000 for a comprehensive youth initiative to enlist and train dairy farmers to tell their stories of production, animal care, and more to consumers, as well as to enhance the image of New York State dairy through traditional and social media.
  • New England Dairy Promotion Board: $1,650,000 to increase dairy consumption among young people, improve the image of dairy, and oversee the 2020 Annual Dairy Checkoff Unified Marketing Plan for National Programming.
  • Cornell University: $1,500,111 to research new dairy products and improve product food safety procedures.
  • Milk for Health: $450,000 to develop dairy-themed cooking classes and to create advertisements marketing New York dairy. The ads will be placed on television and radio, in movie theaters and schools, and at fairs, as well as on social media.
  • New York Animal Agriculture Coalition: $150,000 to document farmers’ stories and promote New York’s producers in their local communities through multiple media outlets. Funding will also support the expansion of the Dairy Cow Birthing Center at the Great New York State Fair and the production of a 20/20 Vision project, which consists of 10 short films, highlighting New York dairy producers.
  • U.S. Dairy Export Council: $100,000 to increase overall dairy exports, including cheese and other products.

About the Dairy Promotion Order Advisory Board

The DPO Advisory Board advises the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Commissioner on the disposition of approximately $15 million a year in funds collected from milk producers under the producer-approved New York Dairy Promotion Order. The DPO Advisory Board also makes recommendations on promotion and dairy product and research projects.

The Advisory Board consists of ten New York milk producers appointed by the Commissioner who serve a three-year term. The first New York State Dairy Promotion Advisory Board was appointed in May 1972 at the request of dairy producers. More information about the Board can be found at



About Dairy in New York State

New York State has nearly 4,000 dairy farms that produce nearly 15 billion pounds of milk annually, making New York the nation’s fourth largest dairy state. The dairy industry is the State’s largest agricultural sector, contributing significantly to the State’s economy by generating nearly half of the State’s total agricultural receipts, and providing some of the highest economic multipliers in the State.

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