New Zealand 2018 ICAR Conference

The combined ICAR Annual Conference and Interbull Annual Meeting brings together the leading scientists in animal recording, measurement, and genetic evaluation from up to 59 countries. It is a showcase for new technologies and developments in these areas. In combining with the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production (WCGALP), delegates will get the full package across numerous species from parentage verification to genotyping to phenotyping to genetic evaluation.

The 2018 Interbull Annual Meeting, the leading event for research and development in bovine genetic and genomic national and international evaluations, will be held as part of the joint ICAR and WCGALP meeting in Auckland.

New Zealand is the home of many of the foundations of genetic evaluation, animal measurement and recording and continues to be at the forefront of technology development for dairy, sheep, beef, goat, aquaculture, and sheep milking operations. Make your stay a memorable one by taking in the full sights of New Zealand’s breathtaking scenery combined with attending both ICAR/Interbull and WCGALP.

Because of New Zealand’s geographic isolation, we would appreciate your help to ensure that ICAR and Interbull in 2018 is widely advertised. To assist us, please download our PowerPoint and use it in your talks.

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