Nine Sires Added to Robust GENEX Jersey Lineup

While daughter-proven sires 1JE00922 RONALDO {3} and 1JE00921 EUSEBIO {4} continue to impress – especially with strong numbers for the Ideal Commercial Cow™ (ICC$™) index and its Cheese Maximizer (ChMAX$) sub-index – nine new sires offer genetic credentials to fit the diverse needs of today’s producers.

New release 1JE01077 MARCELO-UR is a genetic giant at +1012 for the ICC$™ index, +239 JPI™ and +782 Cheese Merit (CM$). A mixed breed sire from 1JE00922 RONALDO {3} out of a Manifold (Holstein), MARCELO-UR will sire commercial cows with elite yield (+3011 Milk) and components (+185 Combined Fat & Protein). These credentials earn him the top spot for the ChMAX$ sub-index. This sire will also improve udders (+10.2 JUI™) and milk quality (+2.75 Somatic Cell Score). MARCELO-UR is available in GenChoice™ sexed semen and is 68 BBR.

1JE01085 PACINO-UR is a new 1JE00892 VANDRELL {2} son out of a Daybreak at +806 for the ICC$™ index. He’s another elite yield improver (+1954 Milk) and will improve daughter fertility: +2.2 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR), +3.4 Cow Conception Rate (CCR) and +6.0 Heifer Conception Rate (HCR). Those numbers earn him a solid +125 for the ICC$™ index’s Fertility (FERT$) sub-index. PACINO-UR is available in GenChoice™ semen.


1JE01081 DOX {3} is +788 ICC$™ and hails from a diverse pedigree in Uncle Luke x Chisel. DOX {3} features a complete genetic profile: +194 JPI™, +654 CM$, +2.7 DPR and +113 Combined Fat & Protein (CFP). Use this bull to improve udders (+24.3 JUI™) and component percentages. He is available in GenChoice™ semen.

1JE01080 JONES {3} is a Marlo out of a Pilgrim that came in at +776 ICC$™, +178 JPI™ and +589 CM$. He’s another elite udder improver (+20.2 JUI™) and combines that with an impressive +2.9 DPR. JONES {3} is also available in GenChoice™ semen.

Look to new sire 1JE01071 APPEAL {3} to produce ideal commercial cows with his +706 ICC$™ with +581 CM$ and +109 CFP. This VANDRELL {2} son has a no-holes genetic profile with a +1.7 DPR and positive values across all three sub-indexes of the ICC$™ index. He is available in GenChoice™ semen.

1JE01066 ZEKE-UR is another VANDRELL {2} son. He debuts at +699 ICC$™, +573 CM$ and +174 JPI™. He will improve daughter fertility (+1.1 DPR, +68 FERT$).

1JE01064 JEEPERS-UR is a new sire at +705 ICC$™ and +579 CM$. He offers elite Fat (+75) which boosts his CFP to +112. This Marlo son will improve udders (+16.4 JUI™) while increasing daughter fertility (+0.6 DPR, +40 FERT$).

1JE01075 AROUND {5} and 1JE01082 TELFORD {4} are new release 1JE00935 WORLD CUP {5} sons. AROUND {5} is +700 ICC$™, +668 CM$, +191 JPI™ and adds elite yield with +127 CFP. AROUND {5} is available in GenChoice™ semen. TELFORD {4} debuts at +680 ICC$™ and +546 CM$. This sire will improve daughter fertility (+2.0 DPR) while improving udders (+17.3 JUI™).


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