NY FarmNet Expands Services to Work with Agribusiness Professionals

NY FarmNet

NY FarmNet will offer small and medium sized agribusiness Free, confidential consulting

In response to the ever-changing times and demands for assistance, NY FarmNet has expanded its services to work individually with agricultural business professionals who work directly with farmers in New York State. NY FarmNet will offer small and medium sized agribusiness employees and owners free, confidential consulting from family consultants to address any personal well-being and behavioral health challenges they may be experiencing, as well as building resiliency. Call 1-800-547-3276 or visit www.nyfarmnet.org any time of day to request assistance.

When NY FarmNet was conceived over three decades ago, agriculture was in the midst of a crisis precipitated by falling commodity prices and significantly declining land values. Today, agriculture is facing yet another crisis, as COVID-19 negatively impacts consumer demands for dairy products, fruit, vegetables, etc. due to schools, restaurants, and other institutions closing or limiting service. As a result, farmers are once again experiencing financial and personal stress due to significant

price declines for the commodities they produce. Such challenging economic conditions are extending beyond the farm gate and affecting businesses who support farmers, such as nutritionists, crop advisors, milk truck drivers, and veterinarians.

“We have worked with agribusiness professionals in many ways at NY FarmNet, but not like this. Being able to provide one-on-one consulting to the support system of our farming communities, will ultimately make our rural, farming communities even stronger,” said Kate Downes, Outreach Director for NY FarmNet. “Helping people during challenging times is our program’s foundation, and we’re proud to extend that service to agribusiness.”

NY FarmNet family consultants will focus on communicating with customers, navigating conflict, stress management, coaching, relationship support, coping with COVID-19 stress, planning and time management, as well as referrals to additional resources. We will not be offering financial consulting services to this group, and our work with farmers will continue uninterrupted.

Call 1-800-547-3276 or complete the webform at https://help.nyfarmnet.org/contacts/new to start a case or to learn more.


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