NY OSHA LEP Has Renewed

Message from the NY Dairy OSHA Team

In December, we reported that the NY Dairy OSHA LEP (Local Emphasis Program) would not be renewed, as that was our understanding based on communications with NY OSHA Staff. Today, we learned that the NY Dairy LEP was renewed for an additional year and is currently in effect. What that means is that the unannounced inspections can still take place for dairy farms with more than 10 employees. The LEP can be renewed beyond 2019 in yearly increments again if OSHA deems that necessary. OSHA is working on an updated webinar which will be available mid-March.

We advise all farms with more than 10 employees to review your safety programs and make sure you are up to date on safety training, have all of your Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and reach out to your resources like NYCAMH and others to schedule any safety trainings you need to meet compliance.

We have also reached out to NMPF to ask when the safety program they are designing will be released. We will send another update when we have more information.

The directive is posted on the US Department of Labor OSHA website.

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