NYFarmGirls: Posting Positivity on Social Media

Gabrielle Lucivero

It’s a typical day at Maple Lane Farms, but the farmers there are anything but ordinary. Our Gabrielle Lucivero takes us to Marietta where three sisters are using social media to educate and spread a positive message about the agriculture industry.

“I think a lot of their friends don’t even know that they’re farmers until they get on Instagram and see it,” said Erica Leubner or Maple Lane Farms.


Evelyn, Claudia and Jojo Leubner might not brag about it, but the budding dairy farmers at Maple Lane Farms have made a name for themselves on Instagram as the NY Farm Girls.

“There’s this one, I don’t know what country they’re from, but they always comment on our stuff and we never know what they’re saying,” Evelyn said, the oldest of the NY Farm Girl sisters.


The sisters range in age from 11 to 17. They use the platform to educate more than 3,000 followers about the agriculture industry.

“There’s a lot more to it than other people think and you shouldn’t just get one side of the story,” Claudia said. “When you’re talking about agriculture, you should have all of the facts.”

“Agriculture is the number one industry in New York State, which I don’t think a lot of people realize,” the girls’ mother, Erica said. “And what they do is all about education and keeping it positive.”

And that also means creating a positive image for all female farmers in the business.

“People don’t think girls should be farming and stuff,” Claudia said.

“All around us, I don’t really know any girls that farm,” said Evelyn. “So we’re just showing them that we can do the same as anyone else.”

The sisters take care of more than 100 calves, doing everything from feeding and cleaning them, to naming the newborns and when it’s all said and done, they have just one message for their followers.

“They’re our whole lives,” Evelyn said. “We care about them move than ourselves most of the time, because they take up most of our time. We just show them that they’re being loved a lot.”

And they wouldn’t have it any other way. All three of the sisters hope to have a career in the agriculture industry, they’re the fourth generation to work on Maple Lane Farms as their father and his brothers run the business.