NYSERDA PON 3739 – Demonstration of New Business Models for Anaerobic Digester to Electricity

Funding Opportunity Detail: Demonstration of New Bus. Models, Marketplace Dev. of ADG-to-Elec. Category A&B (PON 3739 – A & B)

NYSERDA is making approximately $7.75 million in funding available for demonstration of new ADG business model(s) that includes constructing multiple on-farm anaerobic digesters.

Funding is targeted to support one or more portfolios of projects that demonstrate replicable business models and strategies. Project portfolio(s) will be selected based on their promise to lead to a self-sustaining anaerobic digestion technology marketplace that can continue in the absence of additional NYSERDA funding.

The PON is directed to anaerobic digester project developers as multiple on-farm projects constructed under one contract is part of assembling a portfolio. Project Developers need to submit a proposal by March 7, 2019 that includes the farms, and plans for efficient design, construction and continued operation (including off-farm financing) by the developer. It is possible that some developers will not require any capital from farmers, depending on the specifics of their business models.

If farmers would like to be included on a list supplied to interested project developers, please send email indicating so that includes contact person, farm name, cow numbers, address, and phone number to Curt Gooch at cag26@cornell.edu.

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