‘Old MacDonald’ gets female reboot for Women’s Equality Day

The nursery rhyme we all grew up with serves a new, more powerful purpose this Women’s Equality Day.

Land O’Lakes has completely overhauled “Old MacDonald” in partnership with The Martin Agency, vocal powerhouse Maggie Rose and Grammy Award-winning Warner/Chappell songwriter Liz Rose for a new generation that celebrates inclusion.

The new anthem, entitled “She-I-O,” is the cornerstone of the brand’s “All Together Better” initiative.

“’She-I-O’ serves as a rallying cry for women breaking stereotypes, not just in dairy farming, but in every industry,” said Maggie Rose. “I was thrilled to work with Liz Rose to rewrite the lyrics to the iconic ‘Old MacDonald’ song, turning it into an homage to America’s hardworking women. There’s beauty and strength in letting our voices be heard.


“My husband’s family owns a cattle ranch in Missouri, so I’ve had a glimpse into what goes into putting food on our tables. Like so many of us, I grew up singing ‘Old MacDonald’ when I was young. Where you hear the lines ‘on his farm’ and ‘he had a cow,’ it’s nice to finally add in the other half of the population.”

Land O’Lakes — the farmerowned cooperative that’s owned and run by 1,791 farmers (many of whom are women) — wanted to give a voice to the untold stories of those who work hard to feed this nation.

“She-I-O” is the cornerstone of the new All Together Better initiative from Land O’Lakes, the farmerowned cooperative that’s owned and run by 1,791 farmers, many of whom are women. Land O’Lakes wanted to give a voice to the untold stories of the women who work hard to feed this nation.

It has debuted on SoundCloud and will be available on iTunes from August 24. The song comes to life in a music video, now streaming on Vevo and YouTube, which was directed by Charlotte Fassler and Dani Girdwood of Similar But Different. It features the Dotterer sisters, their cousins and their daughters — just a few of the many real-life female farmers from the Land O’Lakes farmer-owned cooperative.

“We are excited to be rewriting history and championing female farmers and women in all industries who are breaking glass ceilings and changing stereotypes,” said Anna Squibb, senior manager of integrated marketing, dairy foods retail at Land O’Lakes.

“All Together Better was built on the premise of inclusion, one of the core values at Land O’Lakes. In an increasingly divided world, we want to be a unifying force, and Women’s Equality Day is the perfect moment in time to spotlight that intention.”