“One chance to get it right” Joe Lawrence on making corn silage this year

Joel Hastings

"One chance to get it right," says Joe Lawrence about making corn silage this year. He's the Dairy Forage Systems Specialist for Cornell's PRO-DAIRY. Joe grew up on a Northern New York dairy farm and then was an Extension worker and private sector crop advisor. He presented at the Dairy Profit Seminars at Empire Farm Days and his PowerPoint slide set can be found here.

Link to PDF: https://www.dairybusiness.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Corn_Silage_Harvest_Storage_Joe_Lawrence_EFD.pdf

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  1. (I haven’t at my finger tips the soluble to insoluble protein ratios of CS but they are around 50:50 ALWAYS unless an excess of soluble protein was added at ensiling.) In the anaerobic process, you can’t “Get it right” without adding enough soluble protein in the form of urea, anhydrous or another form of soluble protein to bring the soluble to insoluble protein ratios to this 50:50 ratio. Without the addition of a soluble protein source insoluble protein is broken down into soluble protein. My preference would be to collect urine by building barns and alleyways with slope so that manure is scraped up slope and urine (mostly urea) is collected via gravity down slope.

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