ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference invites those involved in business and the business of food to explore the transformative power of ideas

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ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference (ONE18), held May 20–22 in Lexington, Kentucky, will provide business and agribusiness leaders with a unique opportunity to participate in a global conversation about innovations, challenges and trends. Focus sessions designed to educate and inspire will allow attendees to gather insights from leading business experts and network with peers from around the globe.


ONE18 is the place to learn from and network with some of the brightest stars in business leadership. This year’s power-packed mainstage will welcome Jack Welch, legendary former chairman and CEO of General Electric, who was named as one of the “100 Greatest Living Business Minds” by Forbes magazine in 2017, and professor Robert Wolcott of Northwestern University, a contributing writer to Forbes and the author of “Grow from Within: Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation.”

Business Session

  • Digital Lexicon: Building Your Business Acumen for the Executive

Blockchain, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, BoTs — what is all this disruptive technology and what do you need to know? As technology continues to permeate every aspect of business, it’s important to stay on top of the latest terms and trends. Learn how to become a proficient participant in the digital conversation as we address these new technologies and demonstrate a blockchain business challenge to help you build your business acumen.

  • Business Builders: Creating and Executing a Growth Culture

Are you bringing out the best in your people? Learn how to use a distinct type of employee, a “business builder,” to change the culture of your business. Explore how to create a growth culture that can generate momentum for change in your organization.

  • Founder’s Mentality: Do You Have It?

What is a “founder’s mentality”? How does this contagious outlook on business permeate a company from the top down? Are there disadvantages to this mindset? Learn how companies with a founder’s mentality have what it takes to be successful in the world of business.


Business of Food Session

  • Fads, Trends and Values: What Drives Consumer Food Preferences and Why It Matters

Consumers today are demanding greater choice and greater transparency in the foods they buy and in the supply chains that bring food to their tables. The rise of conspicuous production focuses attention on and ascribes value to the story behind the food and the experience of consuming it. How food companies respond will determine their financial future as well as the health of the public and the planet.

  • Tech Influencers: Using Technology to Elevate Your Business

Join us as we explore how technology is changing the food business and influencing the way consumers purchase food. How can you look beyond industry norms and leverage tech insights to elevate your business?

  • Food Facts: Communicating the Risks and Rewards of Modern Agriculture to Consumers

Many think biotechnology efforts have the potential to solve global issues such as food shortages and global warming. Hear how large food companies are adapting to include new methods of production in order to help solve some of the world’s biggest issues. What are the possibilities if the agriculture sector works with these companies to complement each other in the same way renewable technology and big oil do in the energy sector?

*Topics subject to change

The Pearse Lyons Accelerator program returns to the conference this year and continues to be a launchpad for startup innovators. Entrepreneurs from around the world will present their revolutionary ideas in food and ag-tech. How will the next generation of technology influence your business? Find out at ONE18.

Now in its 34th year, Alltech’s conference is attended annually by nearly 4,000 people from over 70 countries. Whether business and agribusiness leaders are navigating a fundamental change within their areas of interest or just need a little inspiration, they’ll learn about real-world opportunities and solutions at ONE18.

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