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2019 Herdsperson Workshop

Designed for you: herd managers, nutritionists and veterinarians

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Your Conference Presenters:

Dr. Laura Hernandez, PhD

Associate Professor of Dairy Science at UW-Madison

Dr. Mike Hutjens, PhD

Dairy Extension Specialist and Professor Emeritus of Animal Science at University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Dr. Marcia Endres, PhD

Professor in the Animal Science Dept. at University of Minnesota

General Session

Selective treatments for transition cows – Dr. Laura Hernandez

Dr. Laura Hernandez will share some of the latest research in screening and treating transition cows and you will learn how to target the most at-risk cows for a healthier herd.

Managing your feed inventories – Dr. Mike Hutjens

Dr. Mike Hutjens tackles the challenging topic of managing lean feed inventories; critically assessing what feed is on hand and how to make it through the coming spring.

Why do you FARM?- Dr. Marcia Endres

Walk through typical herd-management strategies with Dr. Marcia Endres as she reviews dairy cattle welfare assessment programs in the US – such as FARM – and sheds light on why they exist.



Breakout Sessions (Participate in 2 of 3)

The udder: what’s going on in there? – Dr. Laura Hernandez

With this hands-on dissection, discover the mechanics involved in the udder and learn the responses when an infection arrives. Dr. Laura will also discuss current trends such as selective dry-cow treatment, on-site culturing, and non-antibiotic therapies.

A fresh look at the milk check –

Dr. Mike Hutjens

Dr. Mike talks through the implications of focusing on Energy Corrected Milk (ECM) to generate beneficial results. You’ll review fiber digestibility, amino acid supplementation and the addition of fat and starch to boost energy.

What happened? Is this the right thing to do – Dr. Marcia Endres

Dr. Marcia will walk you through case studies in small groups, as well as your own examples, of predicaments of managing a herd and you will leave with a list of management practices and strategies to handle your herd with care.

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You can also call 800.947.7379 to register.

Registration Fee: $125/member and $250/non-member ($75 each additional participant from same dairy. Registration fee covers workshop, materials and lunch.


Wednesday, October 30 Arlington Agricultural Research Station

Public Events Building N695 Hopkins Road, Arlington, WI

Thursday, October 31 Marshfield Agriculture Research Station

2611 Yellowstone Drive, Marshfield, WI

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