Osnabrueck Holstein Genetics

OHG – the nucleus population for Holsteins in Germany and supplier of high quality livestock, semen & embryos – is well-known for their high genetic level and progress. OHG is improving the overall benefit for dairy farmers worldwide and distributed in more than 50 different countries.

International Osnabrueck Black & White Days 2020
The 44th „International Osnabrueck Black & White Days“ will be held on the 24/25th January 2020. You are welcome to take part and visit Osnabrueck dairy farms, the Holstein Show, the Top Genetic Auction and the Daughter Group Presentation. For the detailled program or for assistance in advance of your stay, please contact us. If you need an official invitation letter for obtaining your visa, please inform us best latest till to the 16th December 2019.
OHG Livestock Auction Sales
At the last OHG Livestock Auction Sale on the 16th October 2019 in total 177 Holstein heifers were sold for 1.823 EUR in average (price range 700 – 2800 EUR – sales quota 99 %). The next sales will be held on the 13th November (catalog), 11th December 2019 and 8th January 2020 at Halle Gartlage in Osnabrueck (Germany). More than 300 fresh calved, high quality pedigree heifers will be offered on these monthly OHG sales. To organize the exportation of fresh calved or pregnant heifers it will be beneficial to contact OHG early in advance.
The Osnabrueck Holstein sire BOSS is now the highest 99% reliable sire for RZG (total index) in Germany. More information regarding our total semen offer, you will find here: breeding values, comments.

As a new genomic OHG sire BERLIN is currently high in demand. BERLIN – similar to the famous sire RAMOS – isn’t the highest bull for total index, but is used in many breeding programs as sire of sons due to his exceptionally high fitness values. As the German number 1 for daughter fertility (RZR 132), his enormously positive values for all health traits, longevity (RZG 137), milking speed (113) and calving ease (116/131), it is not surprising that BERLIN is ranking high on several European national breeding scales, as in Scandinavia (# 3 with NTM 41) or in Spain (# 7 with ICO 5043). Now very soon his full brother BELAMI will start at OHG – with more milk and even higher RZG.
If you have questions or wishes, please contact OHG directly by email [email protected].
Best wishes & lots of success further on!

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