Osnabrueck Holstein Genetics

OHG - the breeding center for Holsteins in Germany and supplier of high quality livestock, semen & embryos - is well-known for the high genetic level and progress. The popular daughter proven OHG bulls (like RAMOS or nowadays BOSS/BOOM) built a strong genetic base. Since 2010 also the OHG 'GeneScan' program delivers continuously tremendous results. Osnabrueck Holstein Genetics is distributed in more than 50 different countries worldwide.

BOSS - the great Allrounder
The BOSS daughters are doing really well in many different countries. Now at the April proof run BOSS became the new No. 1 sire in Germany (bulls with 500+ daughters) and also the No. 1 in the Netherlands (based on Dutch daughters)!
RZG top list Germany
NVI top list Netherlands

OHG Semen offer
The new proof run offers a wide range of Osnabrueck highly positive tested bulls with modern pedigrees, complete breeding profiles and also attractive specialists for the polled and robotic demand - despite of the actual base adjustments in April 2018 (report). Please contact your local distributor or OHG for further information.
daughter proven bulls
genomically tested bulls

OHG Livestock Auction Sales
The next monthly OHG Livestock Auction Sales will be held on the 16th May & 13th June at Halle Gartlage in Osnabrueck. Around 300 fresh calved pedigree heifers will be offered for the German and European market. To organize the exportation of fresh calved (and also pregnant) heifers, it will be beneficial to contact in advance directly the OHG livestock department, Mr. Hubert Rosenbusch.

Osnabrueck Summer Genomics
On the 13th June 2018 the Auction Sale "Osnabrueck Summer Genomics" will offer several highly preselected genomically tested elite females (besides the regular monthly auction). For more detailled information or the printed auction catalogue please contact OHG, Mr. Maik Wittemeier.

If you have questions or wishes, you can contact OHG also by fax ++49 5422 987-100 or by email directly to akandzi@ohg-genetic.de.

Best wishes & lots of success further on!

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