Pa. Milk Marketing board issues Dean Foods bond claim orders

Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board

Bond covers non-payment to Dairy Farmers of America (DFA)

At its July 8 Sunshine Meeting, the Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board issued four orders making claims against Dean Foods bonds. The bond claims cover non-payment to Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) for Pennsylvania milk shipped to Dean plants in April 2020, as well as limited underpayments for milk delivered prior to April. The bond coverage was enough to compensate DFA for all the Pennsylvania milk it delivered to Dean Foods plants.



“The Pennsylvania Milk Producers’ Security Act requires dealers to provide bonds or other security to protect about one month’s worth of milk receipts. We never want to have to use those bonds to pay producers, but when it’s necessary we’re glad that the Governor and the legislature have provided that protection,” emphasized Board Chair Robert Barley.

“We were able to implement the bond claim hearing process very efficiently because of the cooperation and assistance we received from all involved. The Dean Foods estate, Dairy Farmers of America, and the Pennsylvania Attorney General all contributed to this effort,” stated Secretary Carol Hardbarger, “and I am also pleased by the work of Board staff to secure this positive outcome for Pennsylvania dairy farmers.”


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