PDPW: How to prioritize your to-do list

Time Management

organizing your life

Wed., February 28 at 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. CT

Want help managing your time and prioritizing your to-do list?

With an energizing and engaging approach, Brooke will equip you with the tools you’re seeking to achieve work-life balance. She’ll share strategies to increase productivity, meet deadlines and more effectively manage projects – and your devices.

As she presents concepts to help you choose the right resources, she’ll also discuss which behaviors might need adjusting, such as turning off your notifications when you’re with family and other simple steps to make you feel less overwhelmed.

Though technology is designed to make life easier, using what works for you is key. Sort through the clutter and realign your activities to position business goals and objectives at the forefront.

Brooke’s work background began as an underwriter in the insurance industry; she acquired many professional designations along the way. Before joining MPS, she was a Wellness Promotion independent consultant. As a consultant with MPS, Brooke’s primary objective is to help clients develop a sense of personal empowerment. 

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