Peak Serum Supports Safety and Standards of Northern Colorado Dairy Supply Chain

Peak Serum, Inc., a Wellington-based privately owned and independent supplier of life science laboratory products has established a partnership with Longs Peak Dairy in Pierce, Colorado. Longs Peak has enlisted Peak Serum’s support of production safety and standards by incorporating the supplier’s eco-friendly and biodegradable nitrile SHOWA Gloves from its line of accessories, Peak Products into its supply chain process.

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, Colorado ranks first in production per cow of the top 23 milk-producing states. Operating one of the largest feedlots in Weld County with 5,500 Holstein cows, Longs Peak produces more than 17 million gallons of milk for Colorado consumers per year. The family-owned operation distributes 420,000 pounds (48,000 gallons) of milk daily, representing one day’s work for approximately 4,800 cows.

“Our industry has developed greatly since the days of our dairy’s inception in 1968, with Virgil Podtburg milking just 40 cows in Johnstown,” said Rick Podtburg, co-owner of Longs Peak Dairy. “Over time, while the market has grown, so has our passion. Peak Products is helping us keep our promise to produce the highest-quality product.”

Nitrile gloves benefit agriculture, especially dairy farming, as milk is the most regulated and tested food in the United States. Common advantages of use include cleaner milk due to less bacteria transfer, protection against repeated exposure to teat dips, and superior resistance to iodine used to prevent contamination between cows, a resistance not found with latex gloves.

Made with Eco Best Technology (EBT) — the breakthrough innovation that gave rise to the world’s first fully biodegradable nitrile glove — the SHOWA Glove EBT is composed of organic materials that accelerate the biodegradation of nitrile. Benefits include 100% biodegradability within 12 months after disposal, decreased risk of allergies, high performance and protection and a second-skin fit and feel.

“Our nitrile gloves are perfect for this application to support improved worker and animal health and the production of higher-quality milk,” said Tom Kutrubes, President and CEO of Peak Serum, Inc. “We are honored that our Peak Products have been entrusted with such a significant responsibility and look forward to continuing our positive impact for industries of all varieties.”

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About Peak Serum

Headquartered in Wellington, Colo., Peak Serum is one of the nation’s leading independent suppliers of fetal bovine serum, an essential part of cGMP / clinical trial research and diagnostics applications. Sourced from the United States or USDA-approved countries intended for all levels of research compliance.



About Longs Peak Dairy
The Marrs family legacy began with a good ‘ole fashioned family vegetable farm and gradually blossomed into a dairy. With Denver’s boom in the mid 70’s the family relocated from their now suburban Broomfield location to the overview of the river and the majestic Rocky Mountains. In 1980, Marrs Milky Way Dairy built a dairy nestled in Fort Lupton, CO on the Platte River Valley below Denver, CO. Marrs Milky Way grew to 600 milking cows before merging in 1998 with the Podtburg family and becoming the modern day maternity home of 1300 milking holsteins, a heifer raising farm, 200 dairy steers and production agriculture. With the new partnership came a new name: Longs Peak Dairy with locations in Fort Lupton and Johnstown. In the year 2000, the families have once again expanded creating a new production home in Pierce, Colorado with Andrejeski Holsteins.

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