Pennsylvania Industry Leaders Recognized at Dairy Summit

The Center teamed up with the Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association and the Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania to recognize four industry leaders through the Pennsylvania Dairy Industry Awards Program. Awards were presented during the 2019 Pennsylvania Dairy Summit in Lancaster, Pa., earlier this month, Feb. 6 & 7.

Tom, Rob and Abe Barley of Star Rock Dairy, Inc., were awarded the Pennsylvania Distinguished Dairy Producer Award. Star Rock works to operate a profitable dairy operation while producing quality milk in an efficient, well-managed, progressive manner. Chuck Turner of Turner Dairy Farms, Inc., was awarded with the Pennsylvania Dairy Innovator Award. Turner Dairy Farms’ products have high visibility in their area, has received multiple national honors for high quality and taste, and continues to innovate their product line through offering new products and by redesigning their labels.

Two individuals were awarded the Pennsylvania Dairy Service Award. Michael Hosterman’s strong passion and desire to see the Pennsylvania and Northeast dairy industry grow and prosper are evident in all he does. He has also been integral in developing and overseeing the Dairy Success & Profitability Review benchmark and worked to co-chair and develop the internal Ag Choice Dairy Team to develop and train Ag Choice staff in dairy knowledge. Alan Zepp has served as the Risk Management Program Manager with the Center for Dairy Excellence for the past 10 years, challenging farmers to think strategically about their business, know their cost of production, and make decisions that are in the best interest of their farm and financials long term.

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